Auto Clave (Steam Sterilization)


GAP Laboratory  – London, Ontario 

GAP President Gary Palmatere 

Application:  A small 1” scale control unit was installed for Lab Autoclave scale control.

Comments:  Following 6 months of treatment the service technician arrived for the regular cleaning.  His comment was, “Did someone just clean this?”  The normal amount of scale was not present.


Belt Press


City of Warren Ohio  

Application: A 6” Electronic Precipitator was installed to reduce polymer costs on a two meter Ashbrook Belt Press de-watering primary sludge.

Comments:  The application was very successful saving $24,542 the first year.

Note:  Several attempts treating secondary sludge were unsuccessful. Photos available.




Hunsfos Paper Mill – Kristiansand Norway 

Chief Eng. Per Age Agesen  ( Mill now closed.  No Contact for years)

Application: Water Tube Boiler Feed, 4” pipe.

Comments:  Boiler tubes showed marked reduction in scale over 6 months of treatment.


Maple Leaf Poultry – Toronto Ontario 

Chief Eng. Harold Steffler 

Applications: Two steam boilers treated with 2” systems, one fire tube and one water tube.  Our treatment was added to softener and chemical program.

Comments:  Despite softening and chemical treatment both boilers required acid washing prior to adding electronic treatment.  No acid washing now for 5 years.  I am in contact with Mr. Steffler regularly.  If this reference is used please make sure you mention my name.  Photos available.


Timken Bearings – Wooster Ohio – 2002

Application:  A 4” system was installed on the main cold water feed which treated office potable water, fire tube boiler feed and other msc. applications.

Comments:  Large amounts of scale removed from the boiler in 60 days.  Stains on toilets and fixtures in offices dissolved in weeks.  Photos available.


Provmar Fuels – Hamilton Harbor – Ontario – 2000

Sold by John Moriarty – Reference can be obtained.

Application:  A 2” system was installed on the steam boiler feed along with a second unit for fuel treatment (see fuel)

Comments:  Large amounts of scale removed in 90 days.


Various Cargo Ship Boilers – See Ships





Molson Brewery – Barrie Ontario – 1999

Plant Closed

Application:  One of three Atlas Copco air compressor heat exchangers was treated with a 3” system to compare.

Comments:  Oil temperature on the treated compressor dropped 10 degrees proving scale was being removed.  When the heat exchanger was removed for inspection it completely cleaned up with a water cold water hose.  Photos available.


Superior Dairy – Canton Ohio – 2001

Application:  A 2” system was installed on the Atlas Copco air compressor.

Comments:  The heat exchanger regularly fouled with scale.  When the oil temperature reached 110 degrees, shut down and cleaning had to be performed.  The system was installed at 107 degrees and within one month the temperature was normal at 95 degrees.


Crompton Chemical – Elmira Ontario – 2000

David Quesnel 

Application:  A 2” system was installed on the feed water to 3 compressors.

Comments:  Prior to treatment, the heads had to be removed to physically de-scale twice a year.  Electronic treatment solved the problem.


Redpath Sugar – Toronto Ontario – 2002

Application:  One of three Atlas Copco Air Compressors was treated with a 2” unit to prove system efficacy.

Comments:  In 1 month the treated compressor oil temperature was 7 degrees cooler than the other 2.


Honda Canada – Alliston Ontario 

Mr. Don Parker

Application:  Honda has five 1,000 HP Ingersol Rand air compressors each with a heat exchanger.  A 3 inch system was installed on one to prove de-scaling and scale control.

Comments:  Normally the heat exchangers had to be sent out for chemical and mechanical cleaning at a cost of $7,000 each.  Following 60 days of treatment the tube bundle was easily removed and cleaned with a pressure washer.   Photos available.


DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation)


Horizon Poultry – Ayr Ontario – 2002

Application:  Three inch system pre-treating flocculator prior to polymer and flocculent introduction.

Comments:  Provided 57% improved DAF effluent quality through enhanced flocculation.  Photos available.



Case Poultry – Winesburg, Ohio – 2002

Application: Six inch system pre-treating flocculator prior to polymer and flocculent introduction.

Comments:  Provided improved DAF effluent and significant chemical reduction of $3,000 monthly.  More stable DAF operation noted as well.  40% Polymer reduction & 80% PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride) reduction.  Photos available.



Maple Lodge Farms – Norval Ontario – 2001

Mr. John Hilario – Eviscerating Manager 

Application:  Ten inch electronic coil housed in a long 8” over 6” S.S. Reaction Chamber.  Installed inside a 20” pipe at the effluent from the Rotary Screen Filter.  This location pre-treat 3 separate DAF systems.

Comments:  This is the largest chicken processing plant in Canada spending over $750,000 per year on Polymers.  Lab studies proved a 27% polymer savings with electronic DAF pre-treatment. Photos available.



General Motors Power-Train Plant – Bay City Michigan 

Application:  Ten inch system installed on a 6 inch carbon steel pipe prior to chemical introduction and flocculation tank.

Comments:  Treatment achieved 30% polymer reduction, 50% Ferric Chloride reduction and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide reduction.  Oil and grease removal improved to 100% for the first time ever.  Photos available.



Sergeant Farms – Milton Ontario – 2001

Application:  Four inch system pre-treating flocculator prior to polymer and flocculent introduction.

Comments:  Provided thicker sludge with less water.  Reduced sludge hauling costs provided fast pay-back.




 Hunsfos Paper Mill – Kristiansand Norway 

Chief Eng. Per Age Agesen 

Application:  A 16” electronic precipitator installed on a five effect evaporator train.

Comments:  Outstanding results removing insulating scale and increasing evaporative performance.  Engineer supplied performance graphs available.  Photos available.


Commercial Alcohols – Chatham Ontario 

Steve Ten Doeschate 

Application:  6” Feed to triple effect evaporator and 18” re-circulating line of 2nd effect evaporator.

Comments:  Excellent results saving $450,000 CND annually.  Photos available.


Commercial Alcohols – Tiverton, Ontario 

Ten Dodkin 

Application:  A 3” system installed on evaporator re-circulating line.

Comments:  Marked reduction in scaling.  Photos available.


Ship Evaporators – See Ships





Evaporative Condensers


Maple Leaf Poultry – Toronto, Ontario 

Chief Eng. Harold Steffler 

Application:  Com-4000 treating 4” riser to 300 Ton BAC condenser.  With sand filter.

Comments:  Excellent results replacing chemical treatment.  Good scale and biological control.  .  I am in contact with Mr. Steffler regularly.  If this reference is used please make sure you mention my name. Photos available.


Atlas Cold Storage – Toronto and New Brunswick 

Application:  Three separate locations treating condensers for ammonia refrigeration.  Pipe sizes range from 3” to 6”.

Comments:  Good scale and biological control without chemicals.  Photos available.


Trenton Cold Storage – Trenton Ontario 

Application:  Pipe sizes range from 3” to 6” on 7 different condensers.

Comments:  Good scale and biological control without chemicals. Photos available.


Sobeys Refrigerated Warehouse – Whitby Ontario 

Application: Two 500 ton condensers treated with one twin coil 12” system, Griswold Separator and UV.

Comments:  Good scale and biological control without chemicals.  Photos available.


Strathroy Cold Storage  –  Strathroy Ontario 

Application: One 3” system on a single condenser.

Comments:  Good scale and biological control without chemicals


Strathroy Foods – Strathroy Ontario 

Application: One 2” side-stream system for de-scaling prior to start-up.

Comments:  Hundreds of pounds of scale were removed.  Photos available.


Consolidated Freezers  –  Mississauga, Ontario 

Application: One 3” system on a single condenser.

Comments:  Good scale and biological control without chemicals


Conestoga Cold Storage – Guelph, Ontario 

Application: One 3” system on a single condenser.

Comments:  Good scale control without chemicals


Cold Springs Farms – Thamesford, Ontario

Application: One 3” system on a single condenser.

Comments:  Good scale control without chemicals



Flow Lines


Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. – Distillery – Windsor Ontario – 2002

Mr. Chuck MacDermid 

Application:  Two 6 inch systems were installed on various S.S. flow lines in the plant.

Comments:  All old scales were dislodged and scaled valves began to function again.


Strathroy Foods – Strathroy Ontario – 1999

Mr. Bob Freer 

Application:  This vegetable processor applied a 2” system to the effluent of a wastewater pump.  The water contained bleed from cooling towers and blow-down from boilers so hardness was very high.   The discharge pump and pipe was badly scaled.

Comments:  The pump and 200 feet of 2” galvanized pipe de-scaled in one month.  Photos available.


Cultured Stone (Owens Corning) Navarre Ohio – 2001

Application:  A 4” system was installed on a 4 inch PVC wastewater line.  This plant manufactures stone veneer products and the wastewater is full of cement and dissolved rock.  The pipe would regularly clog and force the plant to truck wastewater while the pipe was being cleaned.

Comments:  This was very successful, completely solving the problem.  Savings reported to be $18,000 per month.  Photos available.



Crompton Chemical (formerly Uniroyal) – Elmira Ontario 

Dave Walker

Application:  A 6” PVC cooling water transfer line was treated to restore flow and pressure.

Comments:  Receiving pressure increased 8 psi in 90 days proving de-scaling.  Photos available.



Wooster Ohio Potable Water Plant – 2001

Application:  A 10” iron pipe carries waste water from the lime softening process to the wastewater plant a ¼ mile away.  I 2 years the 10” pipe had scaled more than 1” thick so a 10” precipitator was installed.

Comments:  The pipe completely de-scaled in 2 months and remained clear.  Photos available.



City of Alliance Ohio 

Application:  Two 2” systems were installed on caustic lines to control scaling.

Comments:  Good results



WhiteCrest Mushroom Farm – Putnam Ontario  – August 1999

Application:  A 2” system was installed on their ground source cooling water loop.

Comments:    Hundreds of pounds of Iron Bacteria bio-film were removed.  Flow and cooling efficiency restored.  Photos available.


Heat Exchangers


Maple Leaf Poultry – Toronto, Ontario – January 2000

Chief Eng. Harold Steffler 

Application:  Five shell and tube heat exchangers treated with 2” systems.

Comments:  No cleaning required for almost 5 years.  I am in contact with Mr. Steffler regularly.  If this reference is used please make sure you mention my name.


Crompton Chemical – Elmira Ontario 

David Quesnel 

Application:  Two inch system installed on shell and tube heat exchanger.

Comments:  Delta T improved without chemical or physical cleaning.



Heat Treating

 G & S Titanium  –  Ohio  – 

Application:  A 6” system was installed along with a Tech-Clean filter on the cooling water loop to the heat treating oven.  This company makes exotic welding rods for military use.

Comments:  Electronic treatment prevented calcium from fouling the cooling jackets of the heat treating oven.  Photos available.



Thyssen Marathon Heat Treatment – Windsor, Ontario – 2003

Application:  A 3” side stream system along with a pump and bag filter continuously treat the cooling water sump tank for scale control.

Comments:  Good results controlling scale.





Waterpark Place – Toronto Ontario 2001

Application:  A 3” system was installed on the feed line to an air handler which contains a humidification grill the air passes through.

Comments: The grill was cleaned with chemicals prior to commissioning the system.  After 6 months of continuous operation the grill was cleaner than when we started.  A second 3” system was purchased for the neighboring high-rise office tower.  Photos available.



Seaway Towers – Sarnia Ontario 

Application:  A 2” system installed on the distribution bar which applies water to the humidification grill within the air-handler.

Comments:  All areas of the grill where direct spray contacted the old scale cleaned up.


Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. – Mississauga

Mr. Peter Keleher 

Application:  Two inch system on humidifier feed.

Comments: Good scale control.






 Guelph University Celery Growth Experiment – Holland Marsh, Ontario 

Kevin Vander Kooi 

Application:  This was a controlled lab experiment where a 1” unit treated water to a specific group of celery plants started from see.  A control group without treatment were in the same room and treated identically with regards to water and fertilizer.

Comments:  The treated group showed 62.5% more weight, 40.2% taller shoot and 17.2% longer roots.  Photos available.



Calasanty’s Tomato Farm – Leamington, Ontario – 2001

Application:  This farm grows 50 acres of tomatoes indoors.  Five individual rows were treated with 1” systems on the drip irrigation lines.  A 10” system was later installed treating 50% of the farm.

Comments: University of Guelph students evaluated the treated tomatoes and found 28% less blossom end rot which is a deficiency of calcium getting to the fruit of the plant.  The treated water must have delivered more calcium the plant could use.



Field Trials – Holland Marsh, Ontario – 2004

Application:  Two 12 volt solar chargeable 3” systems were recently installed on mobile irrigation equipment in the Holland Marsh, Ontario.

Comments:  The equipment irrigates carrots in soil that has some permeability problems. We expect the treated water to improve yield.







 General Motors – Oshawa, Ontario – 2002

Brian Springer

Application: One of 3 Lamella Separators was treated with a submerged 6” coil inside an 18” pipe.

Comments:  After a full year of treatment the Lamellas were opened for inspection.  The two control Lamellas had heavy fouling of the inclined plates while the treated Lamella had only a thin fouling coating.  Photos available.




 Green Lane Landfill – St. Thomas, Ontario 

Application:  A 4” system was installed ahead of the flocculation tank and a 6” system was installed to treat the final effluent pumps.

Comments:  The flocculation tank scale dissolved and maintained, scale free.  The effluent pump scale problems were solved.  Photos available.


Atlas Specialty Steels – Welland, Ontario – 2002

Application:  An 8” system was installed on a 3” PVC pipe to control an unprecedented  scale problem.  A new pipe was plugged 80% in 5 days of operation.

Comments:  After failing with smaller systems the 8” unit worked, controlling scaling 100%.  Additional benefit was 80% reduction in required CO2 for pH control.  Photos available.




 Wooster Ohio Potable Water Plant 

Application:  This is a 5 million gallon per day lime softening plant.  The 2 year old plant was suffering from heavy scaling of their sand filter room.  The sand bed is 3 feet deep with dimensions of 60 feet square.  Two 6” coils powered by a 12” controller were submerged in a channel that feeds the sand filter.

Comments:  Prior to treatment the sand bed was growing 0.41” per month and faced re-bedding at a cost of $60,000.   Following treatment the growth stopped and reduced 6” in 2 years.   Photos available.


Metal Coatings – Mississauga, Ontario 

Application:  A 1” system applied to the pH probe feed line.

Comments:  Prior to treatment the pH probe had to be cleaned every 8 hours.  No cleaning was required after treatment.



 Molson Brewery – Barrie Ontario – 1999

Application:  Six inch system installed on feed to beer pasteurizer for scale control.

Comments:  Entire system including final bar screen de-scaled.  Photos available.


Sleemans Brewery – Guelph Ontario  –  2002

Application:  Six inch system treating pasteurizer for scale control.

Comments:  Scale softened in 30 days.  Not sold due to Chemical Co. interference.





Ventra Plastics – Windsor Ontario 

Application:  Side stream treatment of two open cooling towers systems and two closed chilled water systems.  Combination systems using Precipitators, Bag Filters, Ionization and UV.

Comments:  Good scale and biological control.  Photos available.


Sun States Plastics – canton Ohio  –  2000

Application:  Full flow 6 and 4” systems on chilled and tower water.

Comments: Replaced chemicals.  Good scale and biological control.  Photos available.


Rubbermaid (Grayco Division) Canton Ohio  –  1999

Application:  200 GPM side-stream cooling water system.  Using, electronic precipitator, Ionization and Tech-Clean filter.

Results:  Good scale and biological control.  Photos available.


Poultry Water Systems

Over 50 2” systems have been sold to poultry growers to treat the drinking water systems and prevent scaling of bell and nipple drinkers.  A few references follow:


Cal-Main Foods – Rossburg Ohio                                Pullet Barn Feed Water

Leonard Kropp                               Replaced Polyphos Chemical


Gerber Poultry – Ohio                                                  Barn Feed Water 2 Locations

Larry Neuenschwander            Drinker Scale Control


Kampbow Farm Inc. – Ontario                         Barn Water – Drinkers

Mr. George Campbell              Turkey Grower


New Life Mills – Hanover Ontario                                Barn Water – Drinkers

Mr. Henry Kanters                              4 Farms


Lorian Farms  –  Elmira Ontario                                    Barn Water – Drinkers

Mr. Barry Martin                                150,000 Layers  50,000 Pullets




 Hundreds of  Complete Treat systems sold using Electronic Precipitation, Copper/Silver Ionization and Ozone to replace or reduce chemicals.




Pump Protectors

 General Motors – Bay City Michigan – 2000

CRA Eng Firm – Michael Tomka 

Application:  Fifteen remediation wells pumping PCB laden water.  Pumps foul every 3 weeks with iron bacteria bio-film.  Custom fabricated 3” precipitators fitted on submersible pump intake with controller at surface.

Comments:  Two demos kept pumps at 100% capacity for 4 months.  Fifteen pumps treated in total.   Photos available.


TRW Seatbelt Factory – Midland Ontario – 2001

Application:  A 1” pump protector installed for iron bacteria control.

Comments:  Results same as GM.





Hundreds of residential Precipitators sold to control residential hard water.




Reverse Osmosis


Inland Marine – Hamilton Ontario


Application:  A 2” system installed on feed to 10 GPH R/O system.

Comments:  In 60 days water production increased to 7 GPH by de-scaling the membrane.  Still good results today



Application:  A 2” system installed on the feed to a vibrational R/O system designed to treat high % solids water.  This test was performed at Ridgetown College (U of Guelph)

Comments:  A test was set up processing swine waste.  Three control samples were run with the precipitator off and effluent volume timed and measured in a calibration column.  Three runs with the precipitator energized proved 17% more fresh water production.





Headwaters Hospital – Orangeville Ontario – 2001

Dan Pitcher

Application:  Four inch system installed on feed to industrial size softener.

Comments:  Pre-treatment has allowed a 50% reduction in regeneration salt requirement.  Saving $350 per month.  Photos available.



Cold Springs Farms – Thamesford, Ontario – 2002

Application:  Four inch system installed on feed to industrial size softener.

Comments:  Pre-treatment has allowed a 50% reduction in regeneration salt requirement.

Photos available.


Residential Softeners

Comment:  Many residential users choose to use the precipitator with their ion exchange softener at reduced salt levels.






 MS Christian IV – Colorline Ferry Boat – Kristiansand Norway – 1999

Project sold by Per Age Agesen (Paper Mill Eng.) 

Application:  Potable Water Feed from Holding Tank – 3” Carbon Steel Pipe

Comments:    Fifteen years of hard water had clogged the hot and cold water pipes to the cabins.  Water volume and pressure were restricted to the point re-plumbing was being considered.  The 3” system de-scaled the entire system over a 6 month period.  Photos still in my possession showing the ship and the unit installed.



John Moriarty has been specializing in ship applications since 2000.  Following are various shipping companies applications and references.


Upper Lakes Group – St. Catherines, ON.                    Wastewater UV Treatment – 9

Mr. Al Davies                                                               Evaporators – 4

Mr. Wayne Armstrong                                      Fuel Oil for Boilers – 6

Mr. Dave Pauze                                                           Fuel Oil for Engines – 3

Mr. John Kerbrat                                                         Feed Water Condensate – 5

  • Fuel Purifiers – 1



Lower Lakes Towing                                                    Evaporators

Port Dover ON.                                                           Boiler & Engine Fuel

Mr. Tony Walker                              3 Ships



Ontario Northland Transportation                                 Ship

Owen Sound, ON.                                                       Wastewater System

Mr. Brian Pike   –



USS Great Lakes Fleet                                     Ship

Duluth, Minnesota                                                         Evaporators

Mr. Gene Walroos –


Photos available.






Redpath Sugar (Tate & Lyle)  –  Toronto, Ontario –  2002

No reference available

Application:  Raw sugar wash treated with 4” system.

Comments:  Excellent scale control of centrifuge raw sugar wash spray heads.

Photos available.