Agriculture and Hydroponics

Our Agriculture and Hydroponic Systems utilize a unique way to allow plants to absorb healthy minerals in the water, The Plant Growth Enhancers offered by Aqua Instruments allows faster absorption of water by plants.
Just like hard water deposits that scale up and block water flow in plumbing, plants are affected the same way. When using hard water the absorption rate is greatly reduced. However removing the calcium which causes the scaling also starves the plants of this important mineral.
The Plant Growth Accelerator is the ONLY solution that installs easily and allows calcium to be absorbed into the plants. This not only allows the plants to grow up to 40% faster but also solves many of the problems associated with irrigating plants such as Blossom End Rot, and Caliche, which is sometimes called Hard Panning.
Caliche is caused by built up calcium carbonate forming a calcite layer that restricts infiltration of water into the soil this caliche soil is a huge problem that golf course managers must deal with

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